Monday, October 01, 2007


i fell in love with this guy
he was deep like the woods
intense and mellow as the river
vast and lovely like the sky.
he loved me like no other,
in mind and soul but as for
body he never was my lover.
in my mind we communed,
in my heart we touched
in my essence we were one.
i fell in love with this guy
intense like lightening and soft
as a morning sky.
i turned a blue marble i found along
the road over and over examining
for cracks and flaws, and kept it,finding none.
i turned my new love i found along the path
over and over looking for its beauty
and finding only illusion and sorrow,
i left it there where hope couldn't follow.
in my mind we communed,
in my heart we touched
in my essence were we one...
yet all along there was no one.


wyldeotse said...

beautiful marble, beautiful poem.
alone maybe, yet not all alone.

Saraha said...

Time is an illusion
Yet time is a test.
Moments spent in true love
Never go to waste.
People are born imperfect
infected with ego
Attached to our souls
Long ago.
Mistakes they do
even if they love,
Its nature's lesson
to make us grow.
People regret,
Yes they do.
They repent ,
yes they do.
Even if the beloved
ain't holding your hand
Please leave not hands of hope,
for may be he too is finding his way to you.
Hope , leave it not.
for someone still breathes
hoping for you.
Time , trust.