Saturday, June 02, 2007

Letter on a Leaf

Today was scorching. Its a beating down sun sort of weather, with endless blue sky and not a cloud in sight. I travelled for about three hours outside in the midday heat. Unlike others however I was enjoying the intensity of it and finding cool pockets of shade in the trees to also enjoy the temperature difference. While we were waiting in one of these pockets of shade I picked up a stray leaf on the ground because I had noted something strange about its colour. I turned it over and on the underside was a letter in turquoise metallic ink. It said:

Dear Reader,

my name is Sarah. I am sitting under the same tree you are now sitting under. Its hot and I am enjoying its shade as much as you may be. I don't have much to tell you besides this but I wanted to share this moment with you and let you know that you are not alone. So dear reader enjoy the pleasure of this moment in the shade as I did.

Then it listed some details about her which I won't post here for privacy's sake. My thoughts about this was "how sweet that another person would leave such a message on a leaf for someone else such as myself to find" and " what was she like this writer on leaves?". I left the leaf where I'd found it for the next reader that they too would realize they are not alone in the world. Or in enjoyment of the day and the shady grove.

More musings later...enjoy your moments.