Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Play

Dedicated to you who dwells forever always in my heart...Jaan.

the coils of us unfold
entwining and winding again
and again
we rise and seek solace in the wind
we rise to our natures the places within
we reach for each other 
one to another in twin
we embrace and fall apart only to find
the other's heart again
the winds enable us and move us 
in a timeless dance 
whirling in and out askance 
from branch to limb to branch
such as our dance 
the universes and galaxies collide
unfolding multitudes forever and yet
eyes that we are see into this coil
see into this soup
and find the other from all the rest
we embrace again in the aerie of hearts
knowing that the other we will find
we rush away again 
dancing in the wind, free and careless,
trusting and glowing with the love 
of our kind.

pema khandro(pk)