Monday, July 21, 2014

Hidden Wisdom

It's said that Thoth the god of wisdom and learning had a book which he had inscribed  many teachings. This text of learning has vanished in our modern times but it remains hidden from us only for a short while more.
Soon all will be revealed....

Monday, February 17, 2014


Every moment is a fluttering of the wing,
A fall of feathers
A feast of flavours
To be savoured not scorned.
In these pearls we twist between the fingers,
lives the great illusion of time.
Its effervescence a bubble,
Bursting over and over in the cathedral of the mind.
Pray at the altar of the memory, for that is all
which remains of the past.
It is gone and yet again, it is gone.
We come to life a bundle of the senses,
left behind upon departure,
Nothing remains but the mind.
It is bittersweet the joy we find,
So swift and fleeting its winged feet.
A taste of what is yet to come when we have 
rejoined our vast beingness complete,
the dissolution of these great moments.