Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sister of Light

To my friend and vajra sister: Thubten Lhamo

Sister, you who have seen me in good times and in bad,
Sister whom I once inspired and now inspires me,
I am awestruck by your courage, your generous nature which
Shines brightly and constantly like the sun,
Your graceful efforts to move beyond your present circumstances
and find your true nature,
Your time honoured being.
May you acheive the long sought goal of many in this very lifetime.
May you have peace and good fortune always.
May you be a light for others who are stumbling through the darkness.

1 comment:

protennoia said...

Pema, Thank you so much. You still inspire me. I really value you as a friend, as person, as a divine being. I count myself blessed to know you.

Thank you for being my friend. I have always wanted a friend just like you, and I have missed you.

- Lhamo