Saturday, August 09, 2008

Like this Like That

I painted a poem, written in the sand with driftwood curled, written by hand.
I left a message for the birds to see, the only passengers of that distant country.
A red petal fallen gently, a blue jewel in the rain, a green leaf on a branch of elm, a yellow umber crystal falling through the air never touching ground, magenta and violet stones tumbling in the ocean's waves onto the sand where my poem painted and written by hand lay, waiting, for you the reader of the signs to see it.
In a dream a long and elegant hand gives me a white white rose, it opens up to reveal a crystal liquid, I drink long and deep from the cup, the nectar fills me up and I am no more. Thus do I travel...between the veils of worlds to reach you.


Nobody... said...

A prayer for you.

May he be reached...
The one that thou seek.


wylde otse said...


whatever else this life is it is also a journey and an exploration.
exhilarating sometimes, opening into incredible vistas. :o)