Thursday, June 05, 2008

Misty Mist

Though I lay upon the hard and rocky earth,
the sky fell, embraced me, soft and sweet, drifted down to where was I ,
a billowing cloud

Enticing in its softness...

Enveloped in the fallen cloud my flesh raised in the cool
As though some creature had trod upon my spirit or
a hand so cold and chill touched my heart and,
my skin,
to shed it off arose with knives at ready.
Yet nothing could pierce this veil so thick and yet of no
substance still
its soupy deep appearance all but an illusion
of depth and breadth and scope.
I saw it swirl about me as though attempting a caress
and heard
the whisper near my ear
but ghosts from past or otherwise

were nothing that I fear,
so I ignored it knowing that the sun
would shine again
and dismiss these notions of the mist
and its illusions
of a kiss.

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