Monday, March 03, 2008

Blue Green Jewel

Oh Great Mother,
you who sustains us with all that we need
to experience that which we call life, yet whom
we take for granted.

Oh Great Earth,
you who holds us safe within your belly, far
removed from the empty vacuum of space fields,
Yet whom we take for granted.

Oh Great Planetary Being,
you whom we pretend not to hear, nor feel,
who offers us shelter, life sustaining air and water and food,
who is always right beside us.
Yet whom we take for granted each moment of every day.

Hold us always in your compassionate motherly embrace until
we rise up and awaken from our dream of separateness.

1 comment:

brow of calm said...

Thanks for your comment, indeed we can share alot.
I was moved by this poem, right now I am experiencing a great feeling of seperation. I must keep the faith or I feel maybe I will lose my mind.
Your blog has some very intesting and enchanting videos and text. I like the music of this above