Monday, February 12, 2007

Ode To Love

I wish I could hold you

in my arms

I wish I could show you

your charms

Like the stars they shine on

and on

I wish I could bring you the moonlight

in a basket

To lay at your feet where I am

captivated in delight.

Like a vast container of jewels ever

chanced to meet.

I wish I could wash your pain away

I wish I could bring you truth, beauty..


These are for peace and joy,

the simple offerings of my heart.
Indra's Net - There is an endless net of threads throughout the universe. The horizontal threads are in space. The vertical threads in time. At every crossing of threads there is an individual. And every individual is a crystal bead. The great light of absolute being illuminates and penetrates every crystal being, And every crystal being reflects not only the light from every other crystal in the net, But also every reflection of every reflection throughout the universe.


Anonymous said...


Gautam Siddharth said...

Love is very patient,
Love is very kind,
Love is never envious
Or vaunted up with pride.

Nor is she conceited,
And never is she rude,
Never does she think of self
Or ever get annoyed.

She never is resentful,
Is never glad with sin,
But always glad to side with truth,
Whene’er the truth should win.

She bears up under everything,
Believes the best in all,
There is no limit to her hope,
And never will she fall.

Pema said...

Thanks Siddarth that's a lovely poem. I know that one well. My poem is about universal love, not love of one person specifically.

Gautam Siddharth said...

Pema ,
"She" - refers to Love , not a specific person.

wyldeotse said...

love gives no offense nor takes it.
nor does it betray, but betrayed... forgives in advance.
cosmic mind, the foundation of all and everything, rests on the petal of a flower...sips her nectar and inhales her perfume.
heaven is a state of grace called love.
thank you pema and siddarth.