Monday, October 09, 2006

Farewell to Summer

The other week I heard the beat of wings above me. Looking up I saw a flock of geese on the wing, headed south to warmer climes. A tear rose in my eye for I did not want any goodbyes and I wished instead to go with them. Grab a ride or grow my own wings and follow them on the journey south. I didn't envy them for I know their journey will be long and arduous. I wished them well, wished them safe, wished them luck championed their heart and freedom.
I watched them for as long as I could follow with my eye as they flew on silently by. In the distance I heard them calling, imagined they were shouting out farewell to summer's warm glow of nests and green things that grow here. They don't know the ice, shouldn't really, its not their natural environment. They should only recall deep green water filled with lovely algae, nesting grounds in dark, tea black rivers where red wing blackbirds keep watch for all. Where the yellow leaves fall for other reasons besides the cold. Farewell my friends til spring returns, my heart goes with you as I also turn inwards to the other lands beyond the ice and snow covered sands.

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wylde otse said...

this piece touched my heart.

i have heard and felt the excitement in the voices of families of geese, as they merge to form clans on the voyage south...and trepidation also, in the young voices of
the first-time fliers. may they soar in majesty forever.