Thursday, March 02, 2006

Build a Better World

The way to a better world for us is to have an intention to make a better world. Simply sitting by and critisizing the efforts at those who are attempting to be destructive is not enough. We must be active in our intent, by this I mean we must visualize each day, each moment the peace and the wonder that we would like to see around us. If you wish to change the world you must change yourself first. Your own perceptions are what help to build the world that each of us experiences. Remember the song Imagine. Its like that, very simple, nothing complicated about it. What resides in our hearts and minds constantly is what we become and what we become is what the world is an echo of. If each person worked on maintaining only 5 minutes each day of peaceful and loving thoughts the world would simply BE a better place. What's more these feelings and thoughts are contagious like a virus. So the more people thinking positive, harmonious and loving thoughts the brighter the atmosphere of our world will be. And if you feel that this is all mushy nonsense, give it a try, experiment. Try it on a group of people you know. One day be cheery and up beat and say nothing negative in their presence, in fact radiate thoughts of love and peace no matter what comes at you. The next day try the opposite and watch the effects. You may be surprised. Or not.
If you read this and agree I'd be very honoured if you would pass it on to others.
We are the world.


wyldeotse said...

pema, i got it :o)

when richard dawkins first coined the word "meme" in 1976, i remember being being excited, almost like someone welcoming a new-born child.
my m.-webster dictionary :
meme idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.

the idea that a thought can assume a life of its own still awes me.

meme theory on yahoo search brought up over a million entries including the interesting 'meme central'.

your bleme (blog-meme, lol) on vision transmission takes this idea a bit furthur.

i decided to take your experiment 'invite ' to the visionary level with which your article began.

i imagined all nuclear facilities dismantled , and, along with all nuclear weapons, encased deep underground in an emerald-green glass blob. ( much like amber enfolds an ancient insect )
i went on_line in a chat room, and described this vision.
everyone went silent, for a time.
i could clearly envision the green glass, and i felt some deep relief, knowing that this will one day, be the actual case. i put an outraged genie back in a (green glass, lol) bottle.

( hiroshima/nagasaki, and even chernobyl, will have a fitting burial monument, to remind humankind of sacifices made in the journey toward enlightenment. )

Pema said...

Oh Wow!!!!!
I too was floored into momentary silence of thought!
Thanks for sharing this vision with me, I too will encapsulate it and work on it daily. So the journey begins with one step upon the path. Many thanks are not enough. :0)